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Palo Pinto County Medical Society
Membership, May 12, 1908

Registered at the Corpus Christi Meeting  *

Anthony, J.L. – Strawn
Baldridge, W.H. – Strawn
Barrett, L.C. – Garner
*Bass, E.P. – Mineral Wells
*Beeler, B.R. – Mineral Wells
Eastland, J.H. (Secretary),  - Mineral Wells
Houx, J.F. – Gordon
Howard, I.M. – Seminole
Jenkins, B.L. – Lyra
Luttrell, J. M. – Mineral Wells
Mayfield, A.B. - Mineral Wells
McCorkle, J.H. – Gordon
*McCracken, J.H. - Mineral Wells
Mincey, J.N. (President) - Mineral Wells
Raines, C.B. - Mineral Wells
Sandifer, G.H. – Lyra
Simmons, P.R. – Strawn
Thomas, W.M. - Mineral Wells
Thompson, A.W. - Mineral Wells
Wagley, H.F. - Mineral Wells
Williams, C.B.  - Mineral Wells
Withers, H.B. - Mineral Wells
Yeager, C.F. - Mineral Wells

Source: Membership State Medical Association of Texas. (1908). Texas State journal of medicine. V4. May 1908 - April 1909. Austin: Von Boeckmann-Jones Co.

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