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Subject: Cemetry Index?
From: James R. Blacklock

Hi - My great uncle lived in the County at Salesville which is on Hwy 281 about 8 miles north of Mineral Wells. His name was Jefferson Davis Walker . He died 3 -11-36 and his wife Mary Eveline Walker died 3-9-32. Is there an index of tombstones that shows where they are buried? also where can I write for the obit. and a copy of the death certificate? I would appreciate your help. Thanks,

Jim Blacklock
3 Foxhunt Trail
Little Rock, AR 72227

walker tombstone

Luckily we found the grave in the Grantham Cemetery north of Mineral Wells.

From: James R. Blacklock

Hi Ralph and Sue,

Thanks a bunch for the information and for taking the picture. There is a big unknown with the Walker brothers. The three brothers were Carter Quincy Walker, Curtis L Walker and and Jefferson Davis Walker. My ggfather was Carter Quincy Walker of Tarrant County. Jefferson and Curtis lived in Tarrant County before they moved to your area.

I am going to look for the brother Curtis Lee Walker who lived at Salesville, but moved elsewhere later in life. I think that he was in Nolan County when he died but I can't be sure yet. I have also sent for brother Carter Quincy Walker's death certificate a couple of weeks ago in Tarrant county and it hasn't gotten here yet. My hope is that one of these certificates lists the parents names. Otherwise, I have to find them in the 1870 census which so far I haven't been able to do. I have looked in the Texas index for 1870, but so far no luck.

His daughter my great aunt Ollie wrote a letter in the 60's saying that the father of the three brothers was Hiram Walker and that Hiram's father was Albert G. Walker both of Tarrant County. Clearly, they were kin since for instance one of the children of one of the Salesville brothers was named Albert G. Walker.

So, if I could trace the father and grandfather of Jefferson and or Curtis Walker of Salesville, it would perhaps lead to the full family line. Your help is very importand. A lady in Fort Worth who is the research chairman of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society did a search for me and she has a lot of information on the wives of Jefferson and Curtis. Also, I have a list of names and ages of all of their children from the census. I would like to send a copy of all of this to you and see if you know any of the Walker descendants still living in your area. Also, I will try to get a copy of the death certificate of Jefferson, sometimes they put the parents in the death certificate. I'm not sure where Curtis L. Walker was buried.

Albert G. Walker was pretty famous in the history of Tarrant county and it might be interesting to your local history to tie in the Salesville Walkers to him. Anyway, Thanks a lot for your help and let me know if I can send the additional data to you for a look-see.

I would be glad to help with Walker inquiries since I have a lot of Walker data.

Best regards,

Jim Blacklock

Subject: Daves Family
From: Chris Daves

Dear Sue,

My husbands greatgrandfather was James Lovin Daves who came to Palo Pinto Texas in 1856 with his mother Rebbeca, sister Jershua, brothers, Green, Cullen, and Jaspher. There brother William Harrison also came to Palo Pinto. James married Margeret Carter, Jan 3, 1858. They had a total of 13 children.

We have a copy of the book "Santo, the Hub" which we are willing to do lookups.

I have recently found a 3rd cousin of my husbands(a descent of William Harrison ) and have sorta joined forces to finish the family history. He lives in Texas.

If you would like to add what we have about the Daves family to this page please let me know.

Rhonda Daves

Subject: J. M. Taylor
From: Mike Taylor

Could it be possible that the J. M. Taylor that had the land grant could have been a son of this Dr. S. S. Taylor? If you have a list of his children, It might help me to eliminate the Taylor's having land grants as being mine. My connection between the J. M. Taylor and my James M. Taylor is only a theory, somewhat supported by the date of the grant and subsequent sale.

Have you ever read the book, "Indian Depredations in Texas" , by J. W. Willbarger? It was first published in 1889 and is still in print. It was told in the colorful words of Wilbarger and without editing. It documents the Indian attacks and raids in Texas. Also, it gives one a unique understanding of the history of that period. Most early settlers in central Texas left by 1860 because of the Indian raids, not returning till about 1870. Palo Pinto county was in the thick of it! The book is quite graphic in its description of the affairs. Wilbargers goal was to document the raids while people were still living. The book is hardbound and about 2" thick with small print.

There was a J. M. Taylor with two tracks of land on the Palo Pinto Original Land Owners map. When I obtained the documents, it said that the land was obtained by Taylor in 1858, and was sold in early 1860. This corresponds in time to when my James M. Taylor left Fulton Co. ARK for Texas. He returned to ARK in time for the 1860 census. I have never been able to prove that the J. M. is my James, but I suspect he was.

One of his sons (my Great Grandfather) was named Reece Porter Taylor. On the Palo Pinto map, one of the the J. M. Taylor tracks of land was close by a Reece A. Porter. I've wonder if there was a connection. Also, there were other Taylor's with land grants who's given name were the same as several of my colateral lines in Fulton Co. ARK.

Also, there was a James M. Taylor, blacksmith, in the 1860 census of Palo Pinto County. I've wondered if this was the same as the J. M. Taylor shown on the map.

I suspect that my James left the area because of the drought. 1860 saw the worst dougth on record for central Texas.

Mike In Katy, TX

Subject: information on Lyra, TX
From: Scott Caillier

Hi Sue,

I'm trying to find information on my great uncle (Raimon "Jules" CAILLIER ) who was born in Lyra, TX on July 17, 1902. I contacted the county clerks office, but they said they only have birth records back to 1903 and that Lyra, TX isn't there anymore. If you have any suggestions for where to look next, I would really appreciate it.

I'm sure that his family only lived there for a few years, as I have records indicating that they lived in Lehigh, OK in 1896. I believe that Raimon's father, Victor, was a coal miner.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.>BR>

Scott M. Caillier
PO Box 2528
Decatur, GA 30031-2528
(404) 377-6632

From: Kathy Pratt

Looking of descendants of my grandparents John Boyd PRATT and/or Lee Agnes MOORE. Or any kind of relationship to them....whether it be cousins, nieces, nephews, matter how far removed. Have had a very difficult time making any progress on these 2 lines so would appreciate any assistance.

John Boyd PRATT (went by the name of Boyd) (1874-1959) born in SC, lived in TX, NM, AZ, and CA where he died in Los Angeles, CA. Not much info on his sibs.
Parents: Joshua Wood PRATT (1846-1911) and Sarah Nancy DYE (1848-1925)

Lona Pratt
Will P. Pratt, born in SC....possibly married to LuLu
Mary A. Pratt, born in TX

Lee Agnes MOORE (went by the name of Agnes) (1878-1961) born in TX, lived in NM, AZ, and CA where she died in Los Angeles, CA Parents: William Bryant MOORE (1847-1927)....he was born in FL and died in Los Angeles, CA... and Mary Jane (Molly) RONEY (1854-1899) she was born in FL....died in TX. Siblings: Annie L. MOORE born about 1872 perhaps in FL....d in Los Angeles but date is unknown....she was married to Ralph ROLAND. William D. (might be Denham) MOORE, born abt 1876 perhaps in TX...died in Dallas, TX but date is unknown. Golden MOORE birth date and place as well as death date unknown, however he may have died in Chicago, IL Mayme MOORE possibly born 15 Oct 1889 in TX, married surname was GIBSON...died in Snyder, TX...poss Jan 1983 Richard MOORE possibly born 16 Dec 1891 (place unknown but think TX) Died sometime in the 1980s in Inglewood, CA...first wife's name was Florence (surname unknown). 2nd wife's name was Louise. She probably died sometime during the 1980s....perhaps Inglewood, CA

Can't tell you how much I am looking forward to hearing from someone!


Kathy Pratt
1131 North 185 West
Orem, Utah 84057

Subject: SNIDER
From: Maggie Protzman
Do you have anything for Mary Elizabeth Snider Scott and her husband? His initials might be S.A, but I'm not sure. Mary Scott was living in Mineral Wells in 1908, and had been living there at that point for 19 years. I haven't been able to find her in the census.


Nancy Protzman


Hello Sue.

I am a descendent of Dr. Stephen Slade and Eleanor Maddox Taylor . As you may know, Dr. Taylor was credited for being the first Dr. and school teacher in Palo Pinto. I have lots of stories, including histories of the jail house and much more. My grandparents are Frances Taylor Clayton Reedy .


Subject: Thanks
From: Jerry Blackerby

Researching: Blackerby, Pope, Morrison, Stephens, Rogers Dodson, Wright, Sellers, Huffman, Robinson

From: Alfred Grieshaber




From: Paula Barker

I may be chasing the wind, but this is all I have to go on. A family story. I am trying to find the Campbell family of my husband's great grandmother.

There is a story that some of the land in Palo Pinto County (I believe Mineral Wells is perhaps sitting on the land) was awarded as Confederate Bounty to a "Jane" Campbell (I think it was Jane). She apparently never claimed the land and I do know that there was some talk about sueing (sp) for the land or repreations back during the 1930's or 40s. (Will have to check on these dates) That was decided against, I believe. I know this story comes from several differed parts of my husband's I believe it to have some truth to it.

The point is...I cannot find the Campbell line of my husband. This is the only clue I have. This Campbell was supposed to have convinced some Indians not to side with the Union. This is how the land grand was to have come about. If I could find anything on this line I would appreciate it. Have you come across anything during your research??

Thank you,
in Texas



I am trying to find any information of Scott Cater . Who passed away in Strawn, Palo Pinto. Date of death Dec 1986.

Scott has a child and 4 grandchildren here in Orlando FL and a wife (my sister) in Ohio.

We really would like to know what happened to him.

ANY information would be greatly appreciated.

Fred Ecker
8402 Shady Glen
Orlando, FL 32819

CATER , SCOTT >317-50-7131 <> (IN) b. 26 April 1940 d. Dec 1986 Ir. 76475 (Strawn, Palo Pinto, TX) Ip. 76475 (Strawn, Palo Pinto, TX)

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!


The families that I'm working on in Palo Pinto Co., ELKINS and LEBLEU/LABLUE moved from Hill Co. to Shackelford to Palo Pinto.



Subject: LEBLEU/LABLUE ca 1905

I have the following people in Palo Pinto Co., ca 1905-1930. Arsene LEBLEU and Josephine BERTRAND. Arseneb. 1828 LA, d. 1850 buried in CA.

Josephine BERTRAND b. 1831 LA, d. 1906 buried in Santos Cemetery, Palo Pinto Co., TX.

Jospeh Eugene LABLUE b. 1849 m. Rachel TEAGUE
Kathryn L. LABLUE b. 1857 m. William M. ELKINS
Arson/Arsen LABLUEb. 1859 m. Mollie MEEKS , Ellen DAUGHTERY , Nora HOLLER
Martin LABLUE m. Lucy DAVIS
Louis Leon LABLUE m. Sarah Jane COOK

I believe that Martin and Arson/Arsene may have died while living in Palo Pinto Co. Also there are probably several LABLUE children buried in Palo Pinto Co. Does any one have information on this family?

I have extensive, well documented data which I would be happy to share.


Subject: KELLER/PARRISH - Palo Pinto

I am researching my wife's maternal grandmother's family. Casper Culwell KELLER married Katherine May PARRISH on January 30, 1892, perhaps in Palo Pinto. Our records so far are slim to none. Neomi May KELLER, my wife's grandmother, was born October 23, 1892, perhaps in Palo Pinto.

I'd like to know if there are records of CC Keller's marriage in Palo Pinto records. Also, any birth records for Neomi, her sister Beulah and her brother Leroy (dates/places of birth unknown, although thought to be born after Neomi).

Katherine PARRISH's family reportedly came from somewhere in Tennessee. She was born August 25, 1875, the daughter of William Calvin PARRISH and Lusindy (Eula?) WILLIAMS. Any record of these names in Palo Pinto between 1870 and 1890?

We know the KELLER family moved west to ranch in the Guadelupe Mountain region between Carlsbad and Pecos sometime after 1892. Have you any indications of this KELLER family in your records? PARRISH? We would like to know where/when they lived in Palo Pinto county.

Casper Culwell KELLER was born in Missouri. We do not know why he moved to Texas or when. He was thought (by my wife's family) to be buried in Carlsbad, but there seems to be no record there according to the GenWeb contact for Carlsbad; another possibility is that he's in Truth or Consequences, NM (I'm still trying to find someone there to check on this).

Reply to Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Charles Pineo
Woodstock, Georgia


I research the Ladd 's in Palo Pinto Co. and the Lynn's in Jack Co., so I visit your site often.

Karen Acker

From: Virgil Baker

Searching this county for the Lindsey/Lindsay family. Thomas Lindsey was listed on 1860 Palo Pinto Co., Census living with John Hitson. Can anyone tell me anything about this family?

Thank You,
Mary Ellen baker


Hi- Is a book on cemetery inscriptions available for the Strawn/Lyra area ?

I'm mainly interested in the surnames: SCOTT, HAGGARD, WILLIAMS, ROGERS, HODGES

Frank Byrne, NY

Subject: Research Tipton family name

I am looking for info. on Wiley Brown Tipton and his son Martin Lewis Tipton born in Palo Pinto county March 20, 1893. Wiley and wife Kate came to Palto Pinto county.

Could you help to research my family. The Tiptons lived in Palo Pinto county before the turn of the century. My father, Martin Lewis Tipton was born March 20 1893, his parents were Kate and Wiley Brown Tipton, They later moved to Baylor county.

from AL.
Lew Tipton

From: Alfred Grieshaber



Subject: WELLS in Mingus/Mineral Wells areas

I am interested in finding the sibling's families of DAVID B. (DB) WELLS, who was born on 21 Apr 1839 in Morgan Co, KY, and lived much of his life in Palo Pinto County, TX.

He served in the Union Army, according to family history, in Civil War, probably from Illinois. He married, in 1869 in Coles Co., Illinois, MARY ALICE MOORE who was born on 10 Nov 1854 in "Near" Columbus, Ohio. She died on 11 Sep 1936 in Albany, Shakleford, Texas.

The 1860 Coles Co., Illinois census lists both the WELLS and the MOORE families -- only WELLS is detailed here. David B. WELLS parents, William and Sarah PRATER WELLS, had 13 children, the last 7 are listed in this census with them. Their children were all born in Morgan Co., KY.

Elijah WELLS was born ca 1831
William WELLS Jr. was born ca 1832
John WELLS was born ca 1834
James WELLS was born ca 1836
Nancy J. WELLS was born ca 1838
DAVID Brooten WELLS born ca 1839 m. Mary Alice MOORE
Elisha WELLS was born ca 1842
Benjamin WELLS was born ca 1843
Rebecca A. WELLS was born ca 1845
Mary E. WELLS was born ca 1846
George A. WELLS was born ca 1848
Daniel T. WELLS was born ca 1849
Sarah E. WELLS was born ca 1851

David and Mary Alice appeared on the census in 1870 in Coles Co., Illinois. They first appear in Texas 1880 Census in Iredell, Bosque County, with 3 children all born in Illinois.

By 1900, the family is in Palo Pinto County, the Mingus area. The home they lived in was on "The Back Road to Thurber" -- as written about by Leo Bielinski whose grandfather lived in the home right behind DB and Mary Alice.

DB and Mary Alice WELLS children:

1) Fred WELLS was born about 1869 in Coles Co, IL. This Child's mother may not be Mary Alice (Moore) WELLS. He is listed in 1880 Palo Pinto Co, TX Census with family and shown to have been born in ILLinois. My Aunt did NOT include him in family history, but he was included in DB's Will.

2) Charles WELLS died in 1871. He was b. 21 Jul 1871 in Prob Coles Co, ILL.

3) Albert B. WELLS was b. ca 1872 in Coles Co, IL. In DB's estate, but not family records. This child's name was NOT given to me by my aunt. However, David B's Will also leaves property to AB Wells, with no mention of any child named "John".

4) Willie WELLS was born on 21 Nov 1872 in Prob Coles Co, ILL. He died on 21 Nov 1872 in Prob Coles Co, ILL.

5) John Albert WELLS was born on 1 Dec 1873 in Coles Co, IL. He died on 14 Aug 1883 in TX. This child's name was given to me by my Aunt (now dec'd) along with the birth and death information. It is possible that he is the same person as Albert B. Wells also listed here as a child. However, I believe him to be a different child, since the 1880 census shows Albert B. and not John A. Wells. David B's Will also leaves property to AB Wells, with no mention of any child named "John".

6) Jennie WELLS was born in Nov 1876 in Coles Co, IL. She married FRANK BUPP b. ca 1876 TX. There are "Bupp" cousins out there somewhere. We have photos of family members, but have long lost contact with them. Some of the children were daughters, so we would have to look for marriages. One set of photos was taken in Studer, TX... which I can't even find on the map. I also have a photo of a Max Bupp labeled "son of Dorace Bupp."

7) David Herbert "Herb" WELLS was born in May 1882 in Iredell, Bosque, Texas. Known to have been in Oklahoma in 1940's, and believed to have had two sons. Herb WELLS may have owned a cafe in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County. "In the meantime [ca 1920s], cafe owner HERBERT WELLS had concluded that he could do better as a house painter, as there was no painter in town. He became a good one. Dad's home stayed white for twenty or thirty years after Herb painted it. After completing a round of painting in Mingus and Strawn, Herb found himself out of work and moved to Oklahoma City." Taken from THURBER TEXAS story.

8) MARY ALICE (Allie) WELLS b. 6 Aug 1885 in Mingus, Palo Pinto, TX. She was married 1905 in Dallas, TX to WILLIAM R. WILSON, Sr. More available on this line since it is my direct line.

9) Frances Mae WELLS was born on 10 Apr 1891 in Iredell, Bosque, Texas. She died about Jan 1989 in Albany, Shakleford, Texas. She was a Teacher. She was named after her grandmother Frances Kepler Moore. She never married.

10)Walter Edwin WELLS was born on 14 Nov 1892 in Iredell, Bosque, Texas. He died on 10 Jun 1914 in Roswell, Chaves Co., NM. Died while visiting his sister Allie. Apparently, he was accidently electrocuted while working on a telephone pole. He also never married.

Any information on WELLS. MOORE, BUPP families in this area is appreciated.

Historical info on Palo Pinto, and especially the Mingus/Strawn areas, also welcome.


Peggy Sue Wilson

Home Page:

From: Randy Williams

I am interested in finding out any information I can about my father's family. His name was James Coyt Williams , and he was born in Jan. 1920.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you could provide me with! Also, you may know some of my mother's family living around Palo Pinto. My aunt (Melvena Pennington ) has lived in that area for a number of years.

My E-mail address is

Thank you,
Randy Williams

Subject: KELLER in Palo Pinto County


We exchanged some E-mail in May. Since then I have learned some additional details about the KELLER family I was seeking.

Casper C. Keller (b. Oct 18, 1867 in Quincy MO) traveled to Palo Pinto from Missouri with step father Andrew Frank Corbin and mother Ella Ann Phillips (Keller) Corbin in 1879. The 1880 Census (Jun 23, 1880) for Palo Pinto lists C C Keller at age 13 in the household of Andrew and Ella Corbin. Other families in the move from Missouri were Jerry and Josie Penix and family, and Green and Kate Clark and family. Ella, Josie and Kate were all (Phillips) sisters.

Not much in the way of details of (1) WHERE THEY LIVED or for (2) HOW LONG THEY STAYED in the county. General agreement C C Keller married Katherine Parrish before moving to the Carlsbad area about 1890. No info about (3) WHEN/WHERE THE MARRIAGE TOOK PLACE or (4) WHEN C C KELLER MOVED TO CARLSBAD.

Perhaps this information will narrow your search efforts. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

Charles Pineo
Woodstock, GA

Subject: Andrew Walker
From: art storer

looking for the brother of my ggreatgrandfather his name was Andrew not know who he married. born 1840 Jefferson co,Tenn.moved to texas after the civil war.

Subject: BENNETT search
From: Mark Barnes

Looking for info for my ggrandfather, Jeff Davis BENNETT, born in Winfield, Tn on 9-29-1886. Died 5-10-1928 in Desdemona, Tx and buried in Gorman, Tx.
Marriage to Mattie Alice THOMAS , born in Comanche County, TX, on 3-5-1888.


Subject: Henry Lesley Reedy From: David E. Sims Jr.
I am trying locate the family of the above who died in Feb.of 1975 in Mineral Wells .This is for a family history on the Pridgeon family.

From: Eddie L. Wells

My grandfather, William A. SPENCER , alias Champ MEANS , in his application for a pension from the TEXAS RANGERS stated that he was a member of the PALO PINTO COUNTY RANGERS, 1873-1874. Is there any information out there specifically about PALO PINTO COUNTY RANGERS? W. C. McADAMS was the commanding officer. SPENCER/MEANS states that he served with Wash HULLUM, Joe SCHOOLCRAFT, William J. HALE, Jim OWENS, Matthew LAMBERTH, and Long Billy NICHOLS. He knew John POLLARD, Sam and Bill WARD, John (Bud) MATTHEWS, and Bill DOGGETT. He said that he worked on the Narborough (not sure about the spelling) Ranch, 15 or 20 miles from CISCO, Texas. He worked on the HITTSON Ranch. Where was that? He was also in THROCKMORTON County at the Old Stone Ranch where he worked for Martin HOOVER. He also lived in Strawn, EASTLAND County. All of this took place around 1869-1876 before he went to DENTON County and married. From there he moved to Grandbury, HOOD County until 1884 when he returned to PALO PINTO County. He lived there until 1889.

He was known as CHAMP MEANS from 1869 to 1876, but when he returned to PALO PINTO County he went by his real name, William A. SPENCER or Bill Spencer.

Any information you can give me will be appreciated. if any of these people are your ancestors, I would be interested in exchanging information.

Shirley Spencer Wells

Subject: Deedie McIntire's book
From: Doyle Daves
Sue: I have just come across a reference to a book by Deedie McIntire published in 1988 entitled : Five Early Settlers of Palo Pinto and Parker Counties, Texas: a Bearden, Burt, Carter, Daves and McEntyre Family History. Apparently the book was published in San Angelo. Do you know how I can obtain a copy? Any help appreciated. Thanks,

Doyle Daves

From: Lois Weaver

I really would like to find some descendants of William Augustus Greeson . I recently ran onto a real estate record in Tarrant Co, so I guess he moved there from Palo Pinto Co. The record was in 1929 and the only child left in Palo Pinto Co was Ada and D. S. Bradford. Are there any Bradfords in your area? I do filming of courthouse records for the Genealogical Society of Utah and I'll be glad to do any "look ups" you may need in the western part of OK.

Lois Weaver, Elk City


I am seeking information about a long-lost cousin and/or her descendants. Her name was Twilight Stewart . I have a copy of a letter mentioning that she had married someone named Jack McNairy. Her parents were Dollie Walker and Arlington Stewart. She had a brother who died in a fire at home as a young child. I have heard that she won a beauty contest in Mineral Wells, (their home town). My father was Robert Samuel "Dock" Walker . His father, George W. Walker "Dub" was a brother of Dollie. Any contact will be welcome and I will answer all mail.

email address:
regular mail: La Darla Keith
P.O. Box 550673
Dallas, TX 75355-0673

Subject: SMITH/PUTT Santo,Texas
From: R. L. Vaught

My grandfather was George Sandefer SMITH b Aug 1 1872 d July 30, 1933. He married Isabell PUTT b 1890 d Dec 1947. They grew up in Santo, Texas. George Sandefer SMITH's parents were S.A. SMITH b Nov 1, 1842 d Nov 11, 1921 and Harriett E. (Hattie) RUSSELL SMITH. They are buried at Santo East Cemetery. They had 10 sons and 4 daughters. The ones I know of are; George Sandefer SMITH, Arthur SMITH, Jim SMITH, Tom SMITH, Tony SMITH, May SMITH BRANUM, Tallie or Callie SMITH BAKER.

Isabell PUTT SMITH's parents were Oliver? and Amanda PUTT. Their children were Clyde H PUTT wife Ethel (Santo), John Putt (Mineral Wells),A.M. PUTT MARTIN, Lizzie PUTT GUESS (Arizonia), Doily PUTT GREENE, Sarah PUTT DENNING, Rebecca PUTT NEWBROUGH, and Isabell PUTT SMITH.

I would like any information on any of these families.

Carole Vaught


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