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Bosley Cemetery
Palo Pinto Co., TX

Submitted by
Jim Sublett

This work was taken from the book "A Short History of the Patilo Community of Erath County, Texas" volume 2, written and compiled by Charles McCleskey published in 1970. Copies of both volumes may be found at the Tarleton College in Stephenville, TX

The Bosley cemetery is located just south of U.S. Highway 80 (Interstate 20), a few miles east of the Santo-to-Patilo road crossover. This cemetery contains nearly 250 graves with inscriptions, and at least 84 graves without any identification.

Only the year is given in the cemetery record of dates; the month and day are omitted. The alphabetical arrangement is used to facilitate the finding of names, but it is based on the first letter of the surname only. Where inscriptions bear information of family relationships, the material is included in our listing. If the inscription fails to mention relationship, but that information is known, we have put it in the record, but in parentheses. We are indebted particularly to Elva White and Mr. and Mrs. Artra Edwards for their assistance in pointing out relationships in the Bosley cemetery record. This record includes burials through 1969.


Allen, Manuel 1866-1942
Allen, Robert B. 1853-1905
Aston, Murray A. 1875-1902 (son of H. G. & E. B.)
Beggs, Belinda Jane 1950-1950
B—lg-, Sidney 1942-1964 (next to Bessie Meeks)
Blevins, Nora A 1881-1891 (dau. of M. V. & M. E.)
Blevins, Mollie E. 1865-1913 (wife of M. V.)
Bryant, Mahala J. Logan 1830-1918
(sister of S. B Logan, wife of John)
Butler, Jessie 1888-1916 (wife of Zachariah)
Butler, Zachariah 1875-1965 (Father)
Butler, Irene 1913-1915 (dau. of Zachariah & Jessie)
Butler, Arminta 1842-1920 (wife of Z. Butler)
Butler, Z. 1820-1907
Butler, Essie 1900-1910 (dau. of W. P. & M. J.)
Butler, Ocie Jewell 1903-1905 (son of F. W. & A. L.)
Butler, Ada Lee 1884-1903 (wife of F. W)
Beddo, Lester O. 1896-1957 (son of William A. & Louisa)
Beddo, Grace 1902 - (wife of Lester)
Beddo, Louisa A 1866-1946 (wife of William A.)
Beddo, William A. 1866-1955
Beddo, Audra 1890-1955
Banks, Nancy V. 1869-1944 (wife of M. E.)
Banks, M. F. 1856-1934
Burns, Estelee nee Pope 1912-1940 (wife of Jack)
Burna, Joe M. 1932-1936
Burns, child 1940-1940
Burns, Estellar 1887-1954 (wife of Joe S., nee Light)
Burns, Joe S. 1887-1969
Bohanna, Nellie A 1879-1927
Butler, Susan A. 1840-1917
Butler, J. K. 1844-1922
Butler, Ellen Bradford 1877-1966 (wife of Russell J.)
Butler, Russell J. 1868-1956
Banks, Cloys Dean 1927 (dau. of L. N.)
Banks, Lew Neal 1901-1962
Bosley, Sam 1880-1963
Bosley, Millie 1876-1956 (Millie Gold wife of Sam Bosley)
Bosley, Ed. 1886-1944 (son of Amanda and M.)
Bosley, M. 1851-1918
Bosley, Amanda Virginia 1860-1923 (wife of M.)
Bosley, Robert A. 1893- 1962 (Cpl. Btry B., 345th Field Artillery)
Bosley, Lula Mae 1926-1936 (dau. of Robert Bosley)
Bosley, Sarah M. 1894-1963 (wife of Baker Bosley)
Bowden, Bruce 1934-1934 (infant son of Bruce and Juanita Bowden)
Bowden, Juanita 1913-1934 (dau. of Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Rogers)
Caro, Amanda E. 1875-1901 (dau. of M. & Nancy)
Camp, Jewell 1905 – (wife of S. Lecil)
Camp, S. Lecil 1901-1955
Camp, Susan Etta 1877-1969 (wife of John I.)
Camp, John I. 1876-1962
Carter, Lola I. Pilkington 1915-1952 (wife of Giles C.)
Carter, Giles C. 1915-
Carter, Audie McPherson 1884-1954 (wife of Giles)
Carter, Giles 1883-1933
Cox, Clara Mae 1908-1937
Chandler, Lois Marie 1923-1956 (nee Edwards, wife of Noble)
Clanton, Pauline 1915-1917 (dau. of D. M. & Mary Clanton)
Clanton, Dennis M. 1885-1954
Clanton, Mary F. 1892-1965 (wife of Dennis M – nee Smith)
Clanton, George 1842-1920
Clanton, Fannie M 1845-1923 (wife of George)
Campbell, Emma Lee 1941-1941
Dannelly, M. A. 1819-1882 (1892?)
Douglas, Henry P. 1903-1920 (son of J. S. & P. L.)
Douglas, James S. 1859-1938
Douglas, Pearl Lillian 1873-1961
Douglas, Martha 1836-1918 (wife of H. B.)
Douglas, H. B. 1829-1915
Douglas, John 1873-1893 (son of H.B. & Martha)
Douglas, Bertha Edwards 1901-1959 (wife of G. W.)
Douglas, G. W. 1876-1953
Douglas, Virginia Alice 1877-1931 (wife of G. W.)
Doyle, Aubrey E. 1910-1969
Doyle, Lena 1888-1925
Doyle, Dora J 1914-
Doyle, Byrle 1884-1940
Doyle, Aubrey Jr. 1953-1953
Doyle, Glen Smith 1909-1909 (son of J. K. & Mattie)
Doyle, J. B. 1845-1929
Doyle, Mattie 1852-1942 (wife of J. B.)
Doyle, Wayne 1909-1945 (124th Cav. WW 2)
Doyle, Phoebe 1880-1967
Doyle, Plummer 1879-1957
Draper, Walter 1875-1953
Draper, Cynthia Hood 1884-1921 (wife of W. D. Draper)
Draper, Dora Allen 1878-1968
Duke, David Harvey 1879-1950
Duke, Walter 1875-1911
Duke, Sallie R. 1855-1924 (wife of W. H.)
Duke, W. H. 1849-1947
Duke, Orien 1881-1947
Duke, Child 1904-1907 (dau of G. O. & C. D.)
Duke, Daughter 1909-1909 (dau of H. E. & D. A.)
Duke, Ida E 1889-
Duke, H. Ellis 1884-1944
Donaho, Ella Robbins 1870-1950
Edwards, Charles Leonard 1951-1951 (child of Charles & Velma)
Edwards, Prudence 1871-1941 (wife of J. W.)
Edwards, John C 1887-1969 (son of J. W. & Prudence)
Edwards, J. W. “Bill” 1857-1934 (son of James C.)
Edwards, James C. 1833-1932 (2nd TX Cav. C.S.A.)
Edwards, Darkis V 1833-1911 (wife of James C.)
Edwards, Dennis L. 1887-1908 (son of Jim Edwards)
Edwards, Infant 1907-1907 (dau of J. M & M. L.)
Edwards, Mattie 1867-1930
Edwards, Infant 1941 (son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Edwards)
Edwards, Leonard E. 1904-1946 (son of Edwin)
Edwards, James Leslie 1899-1902 (son of E. & F. E. Edwards)
Edwards, Edwin 1875-1918 (son of James C.)
Edwards, Fannie Stroud 1875-1951
(wife of (1) Edwin Edwards, (2) A. G. Haney)
Elliott, Cora T. 1898- (wife of Clarence P.)
Elliott, Clarence P. 1894-1961
Emberlin, Ada 1889-1941 (wife of David)
Emberlin, David 1885-1968
Ford, Medalia 1869-1913
Goodson, H. 1897-1965
Goodson, Thomas J. 1895-
Goodson, Willie Hearne 1932-1943 (son of Tom & Mande)
Grissom, Laura Ola 1882-1937
Gold, Alice S 1883-1923 (sister of N. L. Gold)
Goldston, G. E. 1848-1907
Goldston, Mary E. 1854-1941 (wife of G. E.)
Goldston, Electra 1877-1938 (wife of Jim Goldston)
Gold, Eugene James 1873-1945
Gold, Mattie Butler 1873-1965 (wife of Eugene James)
Gold, Infant 1906 (dau of N. L. & Rosalee)
Gold, Rosalee Edwards 1871-1942 (wife of N. L.)
Goldston, J. C. 1895-1935 (son of G. E.)
Goldston, James R. 1881-1963
Gregg, William O. 1845-1904
Griffin, Ethel 1901-1902 (dau of T. T. & M. E.)
Howard, Jannie 1815-1877
Holt, Ida White 1872-1937 (nee Lavender)
Hart, Mary Catherine 1840-1922 (wife of S. B. Logan)
Halbert, Samantha E. 1883-1969
Halbert, Sidney B. 1870-1945
Halbert, Frances (Mex) 1910-
Halbert, J. B. (Jake) 1902-1959
Hood, W. C. 1872-1913 (husband of L. C.)
Hood, Louisa C. 1886-1916 (wife of W. C.)
Hoow, William 1842-1921
Hood, Lenora L. 1849-1914 (wife of William)
Hale, Emma Allen 1873-
Harris, Glae Lynn 1951-1951
(dau of Mr. & Mrs. Claude Harris)
Harris, Linda Frances 1940-1940
(dau of Mr. & Mrs. Claude Harris)
Iles, Connie 1902-1933 (dau of Albert Gold)
Jones, Edna Pearl 1875-1947
Jones, James F. 1884-1967
Johnston, D. W. Sr. 1870-1945
Johnston, Mrs. J. W. 1854-1922
Johnston, Le Roy 1913-1924
(son of T. M & Maggie Johnston)
Johnston, William H. 1903-1908 (son of D. E. and Maude)
Johnston, C. C. 1875-1959
Johnston, Ida May 1877-1957 (wife of C. C. Johnston)
Johnston, Joe S. 1899-1969 (son of C. C. & Ida)
Jackson, Mattie Mooney 1847-1934
Langley, Tim 1869-1939
Langley, Cora 1897-1929 (dau of T. H. & T. W.)
Langley, Tanney White 1876-1918 (wife of T. H.)
Langley, Infant 1882 (son of J. W. and Mandy)
Langley, Rena C. 1871-1952
Langley, James F. 1867-1953
Langley, (or Lanolly?) 1862-1941
Langley, J. W. 1848-1908
Langley, Melissa A 1882-1959
Langley, Leffett (Jeff) 1870-1952
Langley, Eddie D. 1895-1965 (Co. F, 143rd Inf. WWI)
Langley, Johnny 1897-1962
Langley, Gladys St. Clair 1902-1950
Langley, Martha Jane 1886-1959
Lambert, William B. 1894-1947
Lambert, Allie E. 1902-
Lambert, William B. 1922-1969 (son of William and Allie)
Lawrence, Johnie H. 1923-1926
Lavender, William 1823-1903
Lavender, Sarah T 1836-1906 (wife of W. M.)
Lavender, Claude L 1877-1910 (wife of W. A.)
Lowe, Myrtle M. 1881-1935 (wife of William Lee)
Lowe, William Lee
Logan, Stephen B 1838-1897
Logan, Mary Catherine Hart 1840-1922
(wife of Stephen B. Logan)
Morris, Lester L 1927-1938
Meeks, James 1939-1948 (son of Bessie)
Meeks, Bessie 1899-1960 (Mother)
Morgan, Stella M. 1900-1965 (Stella Silvers, wife of Frank)
Morgan, B. Frank 1871-1938
Morgan, Novaline 1918-1936 (dau of Stella & Frank)
Morgan, Gaylord 1900-1911 (son of C. G. & Belle)
Moore, Ray Lee 1946-1960 (son of Bill and Monnette)
Matney, Samantha R. 1873-1906 (wife of J. O.)
Matney, J. O. 1858-1945
McPherson, Elizabeth 1865-1941 (wife of Wilson Creed)
McPherson, Wilson Creed 1862-1947
Miller, Euna Faye 1922-1961
Morgan, Cliff 1875-1939
Morgan, Bell 1879-1932 (wife of Cliff)
Morgan, Flora 1849-1932
Porter, Norma 1888-1952 (wife of Walter, nee Richardson)
Porter, Walter 1882-1960
Paschal, James O 1900-1957
Pilkington, Bobbie Rugh 1933-1934 (dau of C. J.)
Penick, Gladyce Lorene 1906
(nee Richardson, dau of Will & Cora)
Penick, Johnnie Lloyd Sr. 1906-1965
Patterson, George 1928- (son of S. H. & A.)
Patterson, Allie G. 1895 (married in 1910)
Patterson, Simon H 1889-
Patterson, George W. 1857-1935
Patterson, Amanda Logan 1862-1944 (wife of George W.)
Patterson, J. A. 1827-1905
Patterson, Nancy 1830-1911 (wife of J. A.)
Patterson, Nettie 1931-1931 (dau of S. H. & A.)
Patterson, Ruth 1917-1917 (dau of S. H. & A.)
Patterson, Norma 1918-1918 (dau of S. H. & A.)
Powell, Infant no date (son of Tom and Nancy)
Poe, Elder J. W. 1848-1933
Poe, Mrs. T. E. 1860-1915
Privitt, Carol Ann 1957 (dau of J. C. and Modena)
Pilkington, William N. 1872-1961
Pilkington, Sarah I. 1866- (wife of William N.)
Queen, Mark 1887-
Queen, Florence 1890-
Richardson, Winnie 1861-1940 (nee St. Clair, wife of A. J.)
Richardson, A. J. 1858-1934
Richardson, Cora Porter 1882-1958 (wife of Willie J.)
Richardson, Willie J. 1882-1969
Richardson, Alma F. 1916- (nee Burns, wife of Athel A.)
Richrdson, Athel A. 1902-1965 (son of A. J. and Winnie)
Robbins, Child no date
Robbins, Vaudine 1936-1941 (dau of Oscar and Jewell)
Robbins, Elvins 1896-1958 (Co.A, 110 Ammo Tr WWI)
Robbins, Leta Hazel 1908-1915
Robbins, Arthur G 1895-1964 (son of K. D. and Mattie)
Robbins, Charlie 1891-1894 (son of K. D. and Mattie)
Robbins, Luther 1892-1894 (son of K. D. and Mattie)
Robbins, Infant 1899-1899 (son of K. D. and Mattie)
Robbins, K. D. 1867-1931
Robbins, Mattie L. 1867-1938 (wife of K. D., nee White)
Robbins, A. E. 1874-1923
Robbins, Lizzie 1881-1894 (dau of A and S. J.)
Robbins, Alson 1831-1910
Robbins, S. J. 1841-1915 (wife of A.)
Robbins, Sammie 1896-1896 (son of G. M. and F. M.)
Robbins, Josie Mae 1896-1896 (dau of G. W. and Hettie E.)
Robbins, George W 1876-1951
Robertson, Mrs. J. F. 1858-
Robertson, Veta Ethel 1893-1896
Robertson, J. F. 1853-1928
Robertson, Flora May 1882-1898
Robertson, H. Austin 1884-1888
Rizer, W. L. 1913-1953
Russell, Malachi 1893-1966 (165th Depot Brigade WWI)
Stephens, Orva Sue 1940 (dau of Orvell and Sibyl)
Smith, Mary E. 1879-1953
Smith, Charles W. 1875-1944
Stone, W. L. no dates
Stone, Charles W. 1875-1944
Stone, Belle 1883- (wife of Charles)
Stone, ________ 1914-1919 (son of Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Stone)
Silvers, Alice 1919-1951 ?
Silvers, Melvin 1904-1929
Silvers, Flora 1913-1933
St. Clair, Adolphus 1910-1956 (son of Jim and Nannie)
St. Clair, A. J. (Nannie) 1875-1965 (nee Head)
St. Clair, J. W. (Jim) 1869-1958
Silvers, William Joe 1891-1958
Silvers, Eva Mae 1909-
Stroud, Amanda 187601943
Stone, Myrtle 1890-1957 (wife of Sam L.)
Stone, Joel Bertram 1912-1913
(son of Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Stone)
Stone, Sam L. 1887-1946
Stone, E. L. 1860-1913
Stone, Joel 1841-1920 (son of S. L.)
Stone, James Curtis 1914-1919
(son of Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Stone)
Spinks, R. C. 1924-1942
(killed in WWII; Tec 5, A.A.F. Pursuit Sqd.)
Shackleford, Eliza Douglas 1867-1961 (wife of Stephen W.)
Shackleford, Stephen W. date?
Steen, Ronny Lynn 1946-1967 (A.O.U.N. US Navy)
Taylor, Margaret, 1900-
Taylor, Infant 1884-1884
Taylor, Buney Tims 1877-1893 (wife of I. M. Taylor)
Taylor, Herbert 1895-1960
Taylor, Jessie L. Doyle 1876-1920 (wife of R. S.)
Taylor, R. S. 1872-1937
Taylor, Nancy Paige 1938-1954 (dau of Darwin and Jouett)
Taylor, Baby Dan 1956-1956
Taylor, Herbert B. 1895-1960 (US Army WWI)
Taylor, D. W. 1930-1930 (son of H. Taylor)
Thornton, Vida I 1907-1907 (dau of J. H and L. E.)
Thornton, Infant 1904-1904 (dau of J. H. and L. E.)
Wharton, S. W. 1880-1911
Wharton, Lillie 1878-1935
Wharton, John H. 1847-1913
Wharton, Sarah E. 1843-1916 (wife of John H.)
Waldrop, A. L. 1898-1929
Waldroop, Mary A. 1875-1963
Waldroop, E. G. 1852-1922
Waldroop, Celia E. 1849-1893 (wife of E. G.)
Waldroop, Albert 1886-1894 (son of E. G. and C. E.)
Waldroop, ______ 1879-1894 (dau of E. G. and C. E.)
Williams, Infant 1932 (dau of Mr. and Mrs. John)
Williams, John Franklin 1888-1964 (son of J. W. and Nancy)
Williams, Leola Bell 1895- (nee Gilstrapp)
Williams, Bud (C. C.) 1876-1953 (son of J. W. and Nancy)
Williams, J. W. 1846-1920
Williams, Nancy 1849-1918 (wife of J. W.)
Williams, Adah 1880-1881
Williams, Infant 1886 ( of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.)
Williams, Mary M. 1882-1904
White, David W. 1820-1914
White, Martha 1830-1908 (wife of David W.)
White, T. J. 1867-1906
White, Lona 1886-1914
White, Bailey E 1899-1950 (son of Ida Laventer White Holt)
White, Mary Lamar 1837-1899 (wife of T. R.)
White, T. R. 1828-1907
White, Catherine Josephine 1873-1940
White, Mary 1887-1899
Wheeler, Elna Faye 1920-1939 (dau of Wayne, and F. E.)
Wheeler, Margaret 1869-1958 (wife of William)
Wheeler, William 1870-1956
Wheeler, Ada Martha 1892-1968 (wife of Eli John)
Wheeler, Eli John 1891-
Williams, Anna Mae 1898- (dau of Ike and Minerva)
Williams, Walter 1903 (son of Ike and Minerva)
Willett, Osborne W. 1884-1968
Wheeler, Hazel Joe 1926-1927 (dau of Eli and Ada)
Whitley, Willie 1876-1964
Whitley, Robert 1875-1961
Whitley, Billie 1923-1945
Waldroop, Sarah C Patterson 1880- (wife of William A.)
Waldroop, William A 1874-1963
Yancy, Kathleen 1954-1954 (dau of C. H. and Eddie Mae)
Yancy, Walter Wesley 1932-1932 (son of C. H.)
Young, Daniel W. 1862-1933
Young, Mary Ellen 1861-1933 (wife of Daniel W.)
Young, Jacob B. 1834-1913 (Co. E., 36th Texas Cav. )
Young, Sarah E. 1849-1918 (wife of Jacob B.)
Yarbro, Ethel 1894-1897 (dau of Jesse F and Ann)
Yarbro, Ann Douglass 1870-1956 (wife of Jesse F.)
Yarbro, Jesse F. 1869-1949

See notes for more on Doyle & Taylor

Additions to the Bosley Cemetery
For the Herring Family
----- Original Message ----- 
From: "djwomack"
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2004 10:46 PM
Subject: Bosley Cemetery

Please add to your Bosley List---

***Fred Russell Herring
Sept.2,1900, Parker County--April 14, 1972 Palo Pinto County

***Bessie Elizabeth (Stone) Herring---Wife of Fred Russell Herring
Feb. 5, 1903---April 11, 1986

On the head stone---
Daughter--Joyce Yvonne Herring
Son--Frank Royce Herring
Granddaughter--Judy Gail Clanton

***T/Sgt.(USA) Jerry Rogers Hill
Dec.27, 1940--June 6, 2000
Wife--Judy G. (Clanton) Hill
Sons---Troy R. Hill and Jimmy R. Hill
Son-in-Law of --Fred and Bessie Herring

For the Taylor Family

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Virginia Hale 
To: Donna Brand 
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 3:27 AM
Subject: Additions to Bosley Cemetery

Dear Donna,

Following are my family members buried at Bosley Cemetery not listed:


Margaret J. Winslett Taylor (wife of Herbert Desoto Taylor)
b. 08/18/1900
d. 05/30/1975

Herbert Montez Taylor (Monty) (son of Herbert Desoto Taylor & Margaret J. Winslett)
b. 05/15/1928
d. 02/22/1997

Nancy Jo Taylor (wife of Herbert Montez Taylor)
b. 05/16/1936
d. 08/29/1987

Norma Sue Taylor Blackburn (daughter of Herbert Montez & Nancy Jo Taylor)
b. 10/19/1954
d. 03/14/2001

Virginia Rosalind Taylor Hale Bishop (Virgie) (daughter of Richard Solomon Taylor & Jesse Lee Doyle)
b. 12/27/1897
d. 01/01/1988

Ora Belle Taylor Williams Hale (daughter of Richard Solomon Taylor & Jesse Lee Doyle)
b. 03/27/1901
d. 03/13/1978

Una Faye Taylor Paschal (wife of James Oscar Paschal) (daughter of Richard Solomon Taylor & Jesse Lee Doyle)
b. 06/24/1903
d. 01/18/1980

Lucille Custus Taylor (daughter of Richard Solomon Taylor & Jesse Lee Doyle)
b. 09/08/1905
d. 10/07/1998

Charles Darwin Taylor (son of Richard Solomon Taylor & Jesse Lee Doyle)
b. 11/08/1908
d. 08/10/1975

Jouett Nance Taylor (wife of Charles Darwin Taylor)
b. 09/04/1904
d. 01/15/1985

Robert Zachary Taylor (Bob) (son of Richard Solomon Taylor & Jesse Lee Doyle)
b. 06/26/1911
d. 06/13/1974


Ross Doyle (son of Homer Skyler Doyle & Mattie Tuggle)
b. 11/10/1911
d. 12/29/1999

Etha Mae Carter Doyle (wife of Ross Doyle)
b. 03/07/1907
d. 06/19/1997

Arley Doyle (son of Homer Skyler Doyle & Mattie Tuggle)
b. 06/23/1913
d. 11/10/1995

Ross Doyle (son of Homer Skyler Doyle & Mattie Tuggle)
b. 11/10/1911
d. 12/29/1999

Ted Doyle (son of Homer Skyler Doyle & Mattie Tuggle)
b. 11/16/1915
d. 12/03/2000

Fannie Geneva Clanton Doyle (wife of Ted Doyle)
b. 11/27/1921
d. 03/15/2002

Homer Skyler Doyle (son of Joe B. Doyle & Martha Jane Wingo)
b. 02/26/1888
d. 03/16/1979

Mattie Tuggle Doyle (wife of Homer Skyler Doyle)
b. 03/29/1888
d. 08/28/1983

Beulah Farris Doyle Bowden (daughter of Joe B. Doyle & Martha Jane Wingo)
b. 03/05/1892
d. 02/04/1985

Johnnie Blackwell Doyle (wife of Creston Doyle)
b. 1907
d. 11/22/2002

I would appreciate it if you could tag these additions to the bottom of the original web page.....

Virginia Hale

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