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- The Griffin or Pollard Cemetery -

"This cemetery was visited by Ellis White and Bill Rivers in September of 1977.  The cemetery is located approximately three quarters of a mile south of the Griffin homestead on the road running west of the sewer treatment plant southwest of Mineral Wells, Tex.  In this cemetery most of the graves are unmarked or the markers are illegible.  A large part of the cemetery is not fenced and cattle were grazing in the area.  Certain small sections either are fenced or have been fenced in the past.  One interesting section was a small plot in which the barbed wire fence was in good repair and on which five graves were located.  The markers indicated that these were the Lotspiech and Reedy families.  One of the Reedy graves bears a date of 1852, which is the earliest date of interment that is in the cemetery.  In other parts of the cemetery much restoration is needed.  Markers are down and have been broken and scattered.  It seems that most of the graves were made around 1878, however some of the graves were made prior to the time that there was a Mineral Wells.  The latest date of interment was in 1906 with one exception, that of Bob Butler.  He was a World War I Veteran who was born in 1897 and died in 1949 and at his request was buried in this cemetery.  At that time it was necessary for the county to make a road to the cemetery as there was not a passable road open. 

In one section of the cemetery many of the graves bear the name Whatley.  Russell Whatley Sr. informed us that his grand parents were buried there.  He doesn't remember the dates - Jonathan and Mary (Pollard) Whatley are buried there.  One of Jonathan and Mary Whatley's children is buried there, also.  They came from Georgia after the Civil War.  It is estimated there has been 75 interments made there.  It is not known whether this is known as the Pollard Cemetery or the Griffin Cemetery.  Mary Elizabeth Rippeto, on whose property this is located, states that at no time did she ever hear her parents refer to it as the Pollard Cemetery.  Others say that it has been known as the Griffin Cemetery for quite some time.  However the cemetery was established prior to the time that the Griffins acquired this property."


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