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Vaughan Cemetery

"Vaughan Cemetery is located two and one half miles north of Graford on a creek bank.  There are nine graves.  Copied by Mrs. Henry Sike in the Spring of 1976.

What a beautiful place Vaughan Cemetery must have been when it was selected as the resting place for some of the pioneers of Palo Pinto County.  There are huge fallen elms, one felled by a windstorm in 1975, and other trees that made beautiful shade for the fertile soil and lush native grasses.  The small branch or creek forms the north border for the cemetery.  One rock enclosed grave, the most perfectly preserved rock enclosed one I have ever seen, is really on the stream's bank.  Likely erosion has edged closer to the grave, which is so overgrown by brush undergrowth that I could not find an inscription.  Reuben Vaughan, one of the very first permanent settlers of Palo Pinto County, who came about 1854, is buried in this cemetery in 1900.  The earliest date identified is that of H. M. Robinson who died in 1889.  Mr. Robinson's grave has a nice marble shaft.  There has been a nice sized fence around a family plot, but the fence is rusted and posts nearly gone.  In the summer of 1975 a man came to Graford and made inquiry about the grave.  The plot seemingly at one time was enclosed by a wire fence.  Old posts indicate the general shape and size of it.  In all, the nine grave sights were located, or in some instances, it is simply known that a grave is there.  Only four markers or stones are there, two sandrock - one with crude lettering and two others, a marble one and a small red granite.  The big sandrock at Mr. Vaughan's grave is thick and unusual.  No doubt, his wife is buried beside him, as well as several other members of his family.  No trace can be found - and who remembers?

The land which once belonged to the Vaughans is now owned by Wylie Green.  His great grandmother, Mrs. Leslie, is buried there midway on the west side.  Beside her is Blunt, born a slave.  Blunt's family ran for freedom in the early days of emancipation and left the little girl alone on a pallet.  Mrs. Leslie's daughter married a Jordan and the family came to Texas, bringing the grandmother and Blunt with them.  After the death of Mrs. Leslie, Mrs. Jordan kept Blunt until she too, passed away.  Then Mrs. Tom Green (Hattie Jordan) kept Blunt until Blunt died at the age of near 100 years.

The Vaughan home was just north of the small stream that passes the cemetery.  Part of the building stands, but the rock house has been torn down.  The Vaughan school house was near the first in this area, and later moved to Graford.  Then the Vaughan community became a memory.

Markers and graves are J. T. Snoddy - small child - born and died Sept. 11, 1911?  H. M. Robinson born Oct 11, 1851 died June 6, 1889; Reuben Vaughan born Dec 20, 181? (broken) died Apr 24, 1900 - Sallie Vaughan born 1868 died 1900 wife of John Vaughan.  Infant dau of John Vaughan - Mrs. Leslie and Blunt -other graves not marked."


Individual Birth Date Death Date Additional information
BLUNT       aged near 100 years
LESLIE, Mrs.         


11 Oct 1851 06 Jun 1889   


11 Sep 1911 11 Sep 1911   


20 Dec 181? 24 Apr 1900   
VAUGHAN, Sallie 1868 1900 wife of John Vaughan
VAUGHAN, Infant       dau of John Vaughan

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